Villa Sociedade

Self-Catering Holiday Home


Toni The Frog

Villa Sociedade became mine in November, 2010. Of course with the acquisition of any property, time, effort and money are invested into making it your own. I was determined, as well as my supporters, to have the guest house up and running for summer 2011 rental and the main house ready for personal use.

Much excitement in planning and working the property was had by all. Every trip brought many new experiences...we were like children in a candy awe of the magnificant landscape, the changes in naturual lighting during different times of the day through the houses, the gentle breeze, the waterview, clean fresh air, the sound of birds...all of it was heavenly bliss. It helped to make the daunting tasks we faced doeable.

The mission was the summer of 2011 we had our first successful rental season for the guest house and we were able to enjoy the main house.

It was only fitting that the first family reunion hosted at Villa Sociedade was for the Sociedade Clan. Many of us were able to gather and celebrate the fourth of July week during the summer of 2011. We played, laughed, shared stories, cooked and enjoyed wonderful Portuguese food, swam, played tennis, basketball, in short we reconnected as a family. Memories were created to last a life-time.

While hanging around poolside on a beautiful sunny afternoon, we met the mascott for Villa Sociedade and named her Toni the Frog. Toni loves to jump in and out of the coy pond, sun bath on the rocks and from time to time put on her big girl pants and dive into the pool. She would visit us at the pool when she was bored with the fish in the coy pond.

Guests have written about Toni and taken pictures of her. She is one of the many pleasant surprises you will find during your stay.

If you happen to swim with Toni do take a picture and send it to me so it can be shared with other guests.