Villa Sociedade

Self-Catering Holiday Home


My Story


I was born on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores, one of the places where heaven meets earth. The unspoiled beautiful nature and the gracious hospitality of the Azorean people are a part of my heritage.


My parents, Maria and Manuel, brought me into this earth on October 26, 1962 and yes this puts me into the "happening 50+ club." Together they lovingly raised the Sociedade Clan...from oldest to youngest...Fernanda, Manuel Maria, Marianna, Isabel, Joe, Tony, Paulo and me this not a typo nor are Paulo and I twins, but that is a story for another day.

Because of the era my parents were born in, they received very little formal education. This did not stop them from mother taught herself to read and sign her name and my father could read and write...much like me he loved to compose poetry. They unselfishly left the island and came to the United States to give us the GIFT OF EDUCATION.

At the age of four, we arrived in the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey. The Ironbound is populated with people from various European countries thus facilitating our adaptation...we became acculturated to western culture and yet maintained our Azorean roots.

I learned many valuable teachings in our bi-cultural home: love of family, determination, the value of consistent hard work, how to make a feast out of bare rashings, how to make a house into a loving home, but the two messages that resonate deep within me are: do what you say and do it whole-heartedly; and honor your heritage and family surname.

I completed my doctrate in 1995 in counseling psychology and became a licensed psychologist in 1996. My love for and commitment to my heritage is why I brought my clinical skills back HOME to the Ironbound (

During my educational journey I encountered Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In 1990 I was presenting my research paper at the Eastern Psychological Association conference which was held in Boston.

After the conference I spent a few days on the Cape. My immediate reaction was: "I have arrived"... I felt at HOME.  I have traveled to many beautiful places but what I felt when I stumbled upon Truro was a connection between mind, body and soul.  Whether walking, biking or driving through Truro, I knew someday I would own a home on the Outer Cape.

Ten years later I bought my first home in North Truro (2000).  As fate would have it, this home was sold in 2009 during a tumultuous time of my life. This left a rift in me for quite some time but in the core of my being I knew I would one day be "HOME AGAIN."

Life expeiences are designed to raise us up and RAISE me up it did. That phase of life prepared me for the glorious acquisition of Villa Sociedade. In 2011 on a beautiful fall day I arrived at the Villa and much like my first visit to the Cape, I immediatedly felt at home and knew I had finally found "my piece of heaven on earth."

The idea for Villa Sociedade began on that day...just like in the Azores, the unspoiled beautiful nature of the Villa is where heaven meets earth. Coinsidentally, the previous owners of this estate are of Portuguese descent.  Therefore the Villa's architectual elements and design are influenced by European flair with subtle luxury and warm, inviting charm.  As part of it's history and under the proprietorship of it's previous owner, the Villa has hosted gatherings from small family vacations to very elite parties for the rich and famous. 

The passage of my Azorean roots with Villa Sociedade was nothing short of a divine occurence. The first home in North Truro was my "holding ground" until I was ready to receive the gift intended for me:


"A minha casa e a tua casa"... "My home is your home"... 


My mother is pregnant with me in this picture.